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In high season it is a real feast for the children...

For de kids  it's a lot of fun here. Experience shows that the children no longer want to leave the yard.


Plenty of room to mess around in the yard. Lots of space, peace, nature and verymany animalsand one for the parentsgood overview due to the small size...

And how about....


  • in high season a weeklycommunal evening meal at our vintage food truck and afterwards swimming by moonlight...

  • busy with ourhorses;Falabella pony Color (brushing, cuddling, walking...) and our Friesian mare Joukje and our 2mini pigsDikkie & Zorro

  • trampoline springen

  • play table tennis

  • in the evening (at fencing)hide and seekplaying, playing football with all the children present or playing board games with the kids in the relaxation area

  • Swimming pool is open every evening until 9.30 pm

  • help with thefeed animals, getting eggs from the loft (chickens, ducks, peacocks, horses, mini pigs and our two dogs, a sweet Jack Russel Geesje and Bordercolly Jazzy, 3 cats....)

  • U.Sown animation team(our 3 daughters and 1 son; Mirthe '2003 - Bas '2006 - Yolanthe '2008 - Noémi '2010) They ensure that our host children have a great time... Before you know it you have lost them and are stuck to play them with us, watch a movie, etc. 

  • catch salamanders

  • etc. etc.

As parents you can enjoy the peace and quiet here.

In rural areas, no cars racing past (our dead end is 500 meters from the provincial road), No mass tourism, justto enjoyof the space around you and the children who are busy playing.

Also an ideal address for children with aautism, enough space to retreat somewhere. 



Plenty of space...

Peace and nature

No speeding cars

Always boyfriends and girlfriends... so there's no getting bored here....

Small-scale and personal

And therefore also clear, no looking for where the kids are now...

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